Biomass Supply Services: Using Biomass to produce clean renewable energy can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing pollution and waste management problems. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants have the capacity to capture and utilize energy, derived from the sun, along with carbon from the earth’s atmosphere and nutrients from our soils to generate biomass which can then be used as a Bio energy through the combustion of organic materials.

Biomass has many advantages as a bio-energy fuel, reducing waste and emissions, using a variety of different crops (Paddy Straw, Sugarcane trash, Corn Stover, Wheat Straw) supporting farmers, producing new cleaner and renewable alternatives to crude oil and conventional fossil fuels.

Integrated Biomass Supply Chain Systems

Farm2Energy provides biomass supply solutions to a variety of customers through a complete suite of services for the bio-fuels, bio-energy, biochemical and bio-based products industries. Our systems can manage the entire supply chain for a customer. We provide variety of models to self perform the crop production or by working with individual landowners to provide material. Each individual supply chain is optimized for the customer.

Our services provide customers with increased cost efficiencies, consistency in the delivered product, and robust management tools. Our turn-key systems collect a tremendous amount of data, data that allow customers to have full trace-ability in their products to ensure quality control and problem solving.

Your success in the biomass feed-stock industry is our success, and we’ve developed these systems to make the process, across the entire supply chain, simple, systematic and successful. Our services and solutions differ based upon the role you play in the industry. Whether you are a farmer, landowner, or biomass user, we have systems and services that can help you.

Note :- Products are not available for commercial use for now.