“India’s has been recognized as an  agrarian economy which makes it the perfect candidate for a bio energy led model of energy generation and sustainable development, utilizing the country’s large volumes of leftover agricultural and forest residue as well as civic waste, and generating income and employment opportunities.”

biomass upcycling project in india
How to Stop Stubble Burning - An Easy Alternative
A Solution to Stubble Burning

This startup can ‘bale’ Punjab out of paddy stubble crisis

While the states of Delhi, Punjab and Haryana were busy playing the blame game over the worsening quality of air after paddy harvest in October, three friends in Ludhiana had quietly found a solution. […]

F2E – Bailing Punjab out of Stubble Burning Crisis

Farm2Energy has instigated the overturning of stubble burning of Paddy straw, Corn Stover, Sugar Cane trash, by transforming the residues into the integrated biomass supply for renewable products such […]

Farm2Energy Kamaljeet Singh and brothers

They have initiated to gather stubble and turn it into pallets to provide it to companies that can use it. This is meant to solve the problem of stubble burning. They believe that no farmer is happy b […]